All the songs were mixed and mastered by Brent Kolatalo (Lady Gaga, John Legend, Lana Del Rey, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, One Republic…).

“This recording is full of extremely pleasant, well written and nicely arranged music. It has all the elements of great writing, melody, outstanding groove, excellent recording and a whole bunch of subtle, musical beauty. Let’s say that this recording has rekindled hope in me that there really still are artists out there who know how to make great melodic music.” jamsphere

Jay Elle Ease Up EP Cover

Ease Up by Jay Elle


1 – Ease Up (Into Love) 3:56


2 – Take a Holiday 3:50


3 – Needs Fixing 3:14


4 – By The Blade 3:39


5 – Never Dreamed (I Could Be The One) 3:23


6 – Sickly Sweet 3:46