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“JAY ELLE CHARMS ON NEW STUDIO ALBUM “RISING TIDE”. Overall, there is a lot of variety on Jay Elle’s new EP Rising Tide. This debut collection encompasses elements of pop, rock, blues, adult contemporary and urban-folk music. This New York-based moody musician proves to be one well-rounded entertainer, especially since he writes his own lyrics, melodies and he even plays the guitar on this project. Rising Tide earns four out of five stars, and it is worth well more than just a passing glance.” Markos Papadatos

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You can listen to each song from “RISING TIDE” below:

1 – Rising Tide  4:07

2 – Twelve on Sunday  3:39

3 – You Got Away  4:58

4 – All Through The Night  4:00

5 – Way Down The Road  4:16

6 – Blue Tears  4:23

7 – Soul To Soul  3:31

8 – Honeycomb Heart  3:40

9 – Mother Money  6:09


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“It is refreshing to see/hear an artist that doesn’t play to trends and isn’t afraid to create organic music in an electronic dominated industry. Jay’s voice ranges from beautifully soulful to raspy and urgent. The songs are well written and performed with so much passion that you can’t help but feel the artist’s pain, joy, longing and arousal. From the brooding and atmospheric title track “Rising Tide”, to the nostalgic and tender “Twelve On Sunday”, and the crunching rawness of “You Got Away”, or the all-out rock anthem “All Through The Night”, and finally the riff-ridden power of “Way Down The Road” which also forges a dynamic guitar solo.” TunedLoud! Magazine
“We enjoyed your song ‘Twelve on Sunday’. Your voice is wonderful. Smooth and flexible with a fresh and unusual tone. You capture attention with your intonation and clarity, that’s your strength. It’s nice to see an artist being innovative with their sound.” A.V.A Live Radio


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